Marketing Strategy Toolbox
Marketing Strategy Toolbox
Marketing Strategy Toolbox

Marketing Strategy Toolbox

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Introducing the Marketing Strategy Toolbox - your ultimate companion in the world of marketing! This 10 step toolbox is packed with powerful tools and expert guidance, a downloadable PDF that is your key to planning successful marketing campaigns.

Inside this digital arsenal, you'll find a collection of versatile templates, worksheets, and guides designed to streamline your marketing efforts and elevate your strategies. Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or just starting your journey, our toolbox has something for everyone.

The toolbox will come to you as a fillable or printable PDF.

Step 1. The Business

The easy part! Fill in your business details.

Step 2. Customer Avatar

This core marketing tool will ensure you get clear on the characteristics of your ideal client/s so you can find them and communicate a message that moves them to engage and purchase. This activity is a deep dive into truly understanding the most important person in your business – your customer. Once you have completed the customer avatar you will find product creation, copywriting, content and email marketing easier and more successful.

Step 3. Vision to Strategy

This tool will prompt your thinking around where you want your business to go and how you are going to get there. You will articulate the driving purpose behind your business idea and be prompted to research how your business will be benchmarked against the competition.

Use the vision to strategy tool to assess your; goals, purpose, SWOT and strategic SWOT.

Step 4. Digital Marketing Funnel

Understand your brand awareness, how to convert passive audiences and retain customers!

Step 5. Products/Services

Define your offerings! Outline your products and/or services, what they are and their price point.

Step 6. Market Position

Take a look at where your products/services fit in the market! What is your unique selling position, is there demand and what is the value to your customers?

Step 7. Your Competitors

How do you rate against your competitors? How can your business improve on what they offer?

Step 8. Social Media Strategy

Identify your social media platforms and plan out your content ideas!

Step 9. Digital Marketing Strategy Summary

Summarise your strategy! Take a look at your marketing activities and milestones, who will be responsible and what your success indicator will be! 

Step 10. Content Marketing Calendar

This tool will support the implementation of your marketing strategy, ensuring you deliver the carefully considered content you have identified your customer avatars will respond to. Great marketing will result in more qualified leads for you to convert to a sale. Always remember to measure your return on investment of marketing effort.